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About Us

Friendly Accommodations Hopewell Cape, Albert County NB

The Shepody Bay Inn, Hopewell Cape, Albert County NB, has a proud new owner, Kevin C. Killam.

Though it may be a new venture for him, he is being guided by Sharon A. Layton-Pollock who has over 15 years experience in the hospitality industry.

Both being of like mind is due to the fact of being mother and son. Their combined effort is to have their guests experience the best vacation ever and a memorable stay at the Shepody Bay Inn.

The Shepody Bay Inn Private Decks

Rooms overlooking Shepody Bay (Photo credit: © 2016 Sharon Pollock)

The Shepody Bay Inn building was built in 1997. Six of the ten rooms over look the Shepody Bay and have private decks where you can watch the moon rise and dance upon the water. These rooms also have whirlpool tubs to add to the enjoyment of your stay. All of our rooms are clean, fresh and tastefully decorated, with private ensuites, hair dryers, air conditioning, new flat screen TV’s, smoke free and free WiFi.

What a great way to end your busy day in one of our comfortable rooms in The Shepody Bay Inn.

Morning brings a college of color from the greens of the marsh to the glistening brown of the mud flats, blue brown of the salt water to the many shades of blue from the sky and clouds.

Watch the blue herons, hawks and many other birds as they scout out an opportunity in the march grasses.

NB Trail is part of the Trans Canada Hiking Trail

NB Trail (part of the Trans Canada Hiking Trail) – Riverside-Albert (Photo credit: New Brunswick Trails Council Inc.)

From the back of the Inn there is easy access to the NB Trail (part of the Trans Canada Trail), in Riverside-Albert. This trail is partially on an old rail bed and partially along dikes and follows rich marsh lands. This trail can be traveled by hiking or by mountain bike. People on horseback can be seen quite frequently since it’s used for trail rides. The trail is flat and open. Walking it will give you a good sense of the extensive marshlands in the region.

Sandpiper in the Bay of Fundy

Sandpiper (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A short scenic drive on route 915 takes you to a Bird Sanctuary at Mary’s Point. During the last two weeks of July and the first two weeks of August have your breath taken away as you experience the migration stop of the Sand Pipers by the 100’s of thousands.

Cape Enrage, NB

Cape Enrage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On to Cape Enrage where you will see one of the oldest working lighthouses in NB, experience zip lining or rappelling, kayaking and more. As the Waterside Beach comes into view you’ll also see Albert County’s first cottage winery where you can see for yourself the process that turns simple fruit into distinctive wine at the Waterside Winery.

The Shepody Bay Inn

The Shepody Bay Inn (Photo credit: © 2016 Sharon Pollock)

4941 Route 114, Shepody, NB E4H 4K2
Toll Free: 1-844-882-2077 | Local: 506-882-2077

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 45.7764533 | Longitude: -64.6390475

Grindstone Island and Lighthouse

Grindstone Island Lighthouse (Photo credit: © 2016 Sharon Pollock)

Dream of days gone by as you view the lighthouse on Grindstone Island from one of our private decks.

Alma, NB - the gate way to Fundy National Park

Alma, NB (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Next you’ll drive right into the unique fishing village of Alma, and depending on the tides you will see the fishing boats floating peacefully at the dock or seemingly stranded on the bottom of the ocean floor, either way just a few hours and all will change.

Fundy National Park

Fundy National Park (Photo credit: Tourism NB)

Alma is the gate way to Fundy National Park, where for 65 years the park has been set aside and protected for you and your family to enjoy, all the wonders that are found within it.

If you choose to travel west you’ll drive into New Brunswick’s largest town, Riverview. Here the Riverfront Park has been build for all to enjoy and experience The Tidal Bore, where at coming in of high tide you will witness the power as it pushes back against the natural flow of the Petitcodiac River. Across the bridge or causeway you’ll enter the City of Moncton, home to Magic Mountain Atlantic Canada’s largest water park, Magnetic Hill home of the Magnetic Hill Zoo and if you’re feeling lucky drop a coin or two at Casino New Brunswick.

Back to Albert County and your room at the Shepody Bay Inn for your much needed rest.  You’re just getting started and there is so much more to experience and see.

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